Great Dane

Adding Great Dane in your family is something really special. Great Danes are one of the most popular dog breeds which are welcomed by all. However, when it comes to owning them you need to learn more about them. So, keeping this in the mind here some of the things to know before owning a Great Dane have been discussed. Walk through the write-up and unravel more things about it.

Offer them good space

Just like their name their needs are also great. You need to offer them a proper room which is spacious. Not only this, but you also need to consider whether your home has enough space for a Great Dane to walk. This might amuse you but in reality when they walk there are chances that things could break if your home is too small. This means you need to have a lot of space in your home if you want to include this cutie pie in your home.

Be ready to pay for vet bills

Great Danes are related to many genetic health concerns and that is why you might have to take them regularly to a vet. Health issues like wobblers, hip dysplasia, etc., are common among Danes, but mostly they are prone to bloat, which sometimes leads to their death. You must make up your mind while buying a Great Dane that things may go worst and you need to be prepared to bear the vet bills.

Spare time for them

One of the things to know before owning a Great Dane is that they demand a lot of time from you. They are not good at handling separation and even training them requires time. You need to ascertain that you have time to take care of them. Only then you must go for a Great Dane otherwise drop your plan of adopting them.

Need to take care of their exercise

If you want your Great Dane to remain healthy then you need to ensure that they do exercises regularly. The main problem with Danes is that they are couch potatoes. This also means that they take naps quite a lot and love sitting more than running. If you want to keep them active, then you need to take them out for a walk, make them do exercises daily apart from offering them a healthy diet.


There are many things to know before owning a Great Dane but the most important points have been mentioned above. Make sure you also ask other questions like their lifespan before you finalize a Great Dane. Further, once they a Dane becomes a member of your family then do their nail trimming, teeth cleaning and bathing properly. Only then they can have a healthy life.

So, when are you planning to welcome a Great Dane to your home?